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  • Handheld metal detector classification
    Oct 09, 2018

    Handheld metal detectors can be divided into: domestic metal detectors and imported metal detectors. Handheld metal detectors are used to check the specific location of metal carried by people. They can also be used with metal detectors. When the "security door" alarms find metal objects. When using a hand-held metal detector, the exact position of the metal object can be found. The metal detector adopts a rectangular detection head. The detection area is 12 cm long. When the human body is inspected, the inspection work is completed from top to bottom, such as in the public security. Bureaus, courts, procuratorates, prisons, convention centers, bidding centers, grand theatres, customs, terminals, entertainment and other places, the reasonable use of hand-held metal detectors, can be a good match with the security door to improve the quality of security inspection! Let dangerous things have nowhere to hide.