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  • Main features of x-ray inspection system
    Mar 02, 2019

    Main features of x-ray foreign object detector

    1. Simultaneously working with multi-view X-ray source, the product is irradiated simultaneously by one vertical direction and two horizontal ray sources, covering the entire area to the greatest extent, and avoiding the blind area to improve the possibility of detection.

    2. The absorption effect of X-rays in different directions is different for irregular foreign objects, and the multi-view X-ray source ensures the detection of irregular foreign objects.

    3. For foreign objects, which are close to the edge or bottom of the product or package, the multi-view x-ray foreign object detectors use self-use area shielding technology to check the foreign objects at the edges to avoid false detection.

    4. The function of X-ray camera is realized by high-integration pure digital solution. The driving of X-ray line array detector, the acquisition and transmission of image data, and the image pre-processing algorithm are all realized on the single-chip FPGA. It greatly simplifies the structure of the system, improves the reliability of the system, and reduces the failure rate of the equipment. The system is more reliable, stable and partial to maintenance.

    5, using high-speed video CameraLink interface protocol, the maximum image transmission speed reaches 1.6Gbps, to ensure that the system has good real-time performance in high-speed detection; In addition, the use of CameraLink image acquisition card, greatly enhances the versatility of the detection system And scalability.

    6. Developed X-ray foreign object detection software based on Windows, which realized parameter setting control and mechanical control of X-ray foreign object detection and rapid foreign object detection algorithm of X-ray image. The man-machine interface is friendly.

    7, with software self-learning function, through the automatic software analysis of the measured object, adjust the X-ray voltage and current parameters to ensure the best detection accuracy.

    8. In addition to the basic functions such as foreign matter detection in software, it also has many auxiliary functions such as packaging defect detection, food defect detection and weight analysis.

    9. The software has many functions such as product parameter storage, image storage, detection log storage and product quality assessment management.

    10. There is no product effect, and the detection capability is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

    11, X-ray leakage is small, in line with international standards, will not cause damage to the operator.

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