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  • Security X-ray machine tester operating procedures
    Oct 09, 2018

    1. Check the power supply voltage before starting up, whether it meets the requirements of the machine. If the power supply voltage is too high or too low, it needs to be suspended.

    2. Check the console surface before starting, and whether the regulator switches are normal.

    3. After power on, adjust the power supply voltage and voltage indication to turn on the power, and pay attention to the sequence when starting up.

    4. Make a record of the handover shift and record in detail whether the machine is running abnormally.

    5. If an abnormality is found during use, report it immediately to the supervisor and do not operate with “illness”.

    6. The staff must not leave at will after the machine is powered on.

    7. Do not exceed the load specified by the machine when using the machine.

    8. Check whether the various parts of the machine are in good condition at the end of work, turn off the main power supply, and make a record of the handover.