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  • Tips for using metal detectors
    Oct 09, 2018

    The metal detector is a sophisticated instrument. Only by knowing some common techniques can it make the detector perform its maximum performance and make the instrument detect more accurate. Puqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of research and development and use of instruments. The experience, through the research found that through the following common use techniques, can effectively play the best performance of the instrument.

    1. The detector should be preheated for more than 1 minute first, because most of the instruments may not be fully operational after being turned on, and preheated for 1 minute to make the detection result more accurate.

    2. When using electronic devices such as mobile phones and pagers, please do not use the instrument.

    3. When using the detection disk of the probing instrument, keep it parallel to the ground and move slowly.

    4. When using a wide range of detectors, you can first find the area of the target by a wide range of search modes, and then use the precise mode to detect the metal.