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  • why we need food metal detector?
    Mar 02, 2019

    Brand biscuit companies under the umbrella of a world-renowned food group have developed and produced biscuits of various flavors according to the different needs of consumers of different ages and levels, and new products are emerging one after another. However, in the production process, the biscuit raw material itself may have metal substances, and the wear of the machine may also cause the metal impurities in the biscuit. In order to ensure the safety of the product, the company needs to improve the acceptability of the product and minimize the production loss. Packaging inspection equipment.


    Strict quality control


    There are four biscuit production lines in the company, each equipped with a metal detector before and after the packaging machine. The person in charge of the company's engineering department said: "In the process from production to packaging, we installed metal detectors, which were metal detectors after packaging. The metal detectors installed before packaging were used to detect the presence of metal inside the biscuits. The packaged metal detector is designed to prevent parts on the packaging machine from falling into the bag."


    Due to the wide variety of biscuit products and the ability to produce between 1.2 and 1.5 tons of biscuits per hour per line, rapid changes to the production line during production have become a compulsory course. Metal detectors have a self-learning function, that is, when a new product passes through the inspection machine, the device automatically records the product information, which can be used to know the status of the product and the signal of the product, and then adjust the settings. To achieve the best stability of the inspection process. The whole process takes only tens of seconds, which not only reduces the production time of the production line, but also saves the workers a worries.


    Work closely with the production line


    In order to ensure that the biscuits produced meet the health requirements, we have a GMP personal specification for workers, and we have detailed regulations on work clothes and personal hygiene. At the same time, we have also formulated such as production, construction and operation. Series of rules and regulations


           In a huge baking line, baking raw materials into biscuits takes only a few minutes. On a 1.5-meter-wide baking conveyor line, the shaped biscuits go to the packaging line in an orderly manner. A metal detector using a telescopic transmission system is installed between the baking line and the packaging line, and the rows of biscuits pass through the inspection machine passage. When the metal impurities in the biscuit are detected, the roller shaft under the conveyor belt is retracted, and the problematic biscuit is The transmission line falls, and the others continue to be transported by the conveyor belt to the packaging line. When the quantitative biscuit enters the forming/filling/sealing machine, the patterned film roll enters the packaging machine through several tensioning rollers, and the Markem 9840 ink wheel contact printer installed on the packaging machine will The date of manufacture, etc. is printed on the film. A metal detector is installed at the exit of the packaging machine, and the package containing metal impurities is removed from the transmission line by a blow-off method. All the cookies or packaging that have been removed are sent to the quality inspection department for review to further confirm whether the metal is contained. If so, continue to find out the cause. "Different types of metals will give the corresponding vector signal to the metal detector. The biscuit package is made of aluminized film and has a metal signal. Therefore, the detector is required to shield the aluminized signal while ensuring its own. Sensitivity. When detecting the package, the phase angle signal of the metal detector can be adjusted to be close to or coincide with the phase angle of the aluminized material, so that the signal of the product itself can be shielded without affecting the detection of other metals by the metal detector. The DSP3 of electronic signal processing technology can do this very well." Finally, the individual packaging or four bags, eight boxes of biscuits are boxed.

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