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  • ADD: Dongcheng District, Guangming Village, Wanhang Technolog Park, Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, China.
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  • 6 Zone Walk-through Metal Detector

    6 Zone Walk-through Metal Detector
    6 zones walk-through metal detector. Performance and Feature: Specification: Dimension: The size of the passage: 2000mm(h)*700mm(w)*560mm(d). Dimensions of the control cabin: 2200mm(h)*800mm(w)*560mm(d).
    Product Details:

    6 zones walk-through metal detector

    Performance and Feature:

    1. LED Indicators:

    The both sides LED Indicators will show the metal location exactly

    2. Detection zones:

    Divided into 6 overlapping zones basic on human body to avoid the weak/blind areas.

    2. Detection zones:

    Sound &Visual Alarm. ZK-802 will show the location of the forbidden metal hidden in human body such as weapon and knives exactly with the Corresponding height LED indicators in both side door panel.

    4. Sensitivity:

    100 sensitivity steps in each program. Separate vertical zones with independently adjustable sensitivity from 0-99.

    5. Password protection:

    Only allow the authorizes to operate. The password can be revised as requirement. It is high safe

    6. Intelligent statistics:

    Can count the pass and  alarms automatically.

    7. Easy to installation:

    Just take 10mins to install or remove follows user's manual.

    8. Harmless to human body:

    Reaching the EMC electromagnetic radiation, harmless to the heart pacemaker, pregnant, the floppy disk, film and video etc.


    Operating temperature:

    from -30 ℃ to +55 ℃


    0 to 98%

    Power supply:

    AC90V-250V, 50HZ-60HZ

    Power consumption





    The size of the passage: 2000mm(h)*700mm(w)*560mm(d)

    Dimensions of the control cabin: 2200mm(h)*800mm(w)*560mm(d)

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