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  • Hazard Of Foreign Matter In Food
    Feb 21, 2019

    Rubber chips = 94,000 pieces of pizza sauce

    On June 6, 2018, according to Japanese media reports, Japanese food producer XX Co., Ltd. announced that six products such as tomato sauce produced by the company may be mixed with rubber parts of factory equipment and recalled automatically. deal with. Recall: Pizza sauce with a lot of ingredients (February 1st, February 1st, February 11th, February 17th), 7 high-quality Italian pizza sauces (appreciation period is February 2nd, 2019), etc. 6 products, totaling 9,4000 pieces.

    Source: Food Partner Network 2018.6.8


    The control of foreign bodies is an important task in the quality control of food enterprises. In order to control foreign bodies, we must analyze the source of foreign bodies. There are many food production enterprises, and the products produced vary widely. However, source analysis can basically start with the five elements of production, namely, people, machines, materials, laws, and rings.

    The last line of defense for foreign object management is the detection of foreign objects. Nearly all food production lines now have foreign material detection equipment. Regardless of how you manage your product before, you need to make a final "judgment." Devices for detecting foreign objects currently have metal detectors, X-ray detectors, and the like. Compared with ordinary metal detectors, X-ray detectors can detect more substances and higher sensitivity, and are now more and more widely used in food companies.

    Consumers always expect more choices in the market – they can have a wide variety of canned, bottled, boxed and plastic foods and beverages to choose from, “because food production and packaging methods are becoming more and more The more complex, the risk of contamination from foreign objects such as metals and glass is increasing, and the occurrence of such pollution incidents will lead to costly product recalls."”

    If you pay attention to your life, you will find that Noding's product testing equipment is around. Everyday milk, milk powder, biscuits, potato chips, ham, bacon, instant noodles, etc. will be tested by metal detectors or X-ray machines; summer ice cream, favorite chocolate, will also pass metal detectors or X-rays. The machine was tested to ensure that there were no foreign objects; the meat patties in the fast food burgers, the hot pot bottoms in the dinner, the soy sauce in the glass bottles and the ketchup were also tested by metal detectors or X-ray machines.


    Through its continuous innovation and diversified business, Nordic Product Testing is committed to helping manufacturers protect the quality, safety and integrity of products from the inside out, and to find foreign objects in products faster and better. Maintain product quality, meet industry standards, protect corporate reputation, and ensure consumers buy safe products

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