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  • How X-ray Inspection Machines Work
    Oct 09, 2018

    The X-ray (X-ray) detector is a test method that uses low-energy X-rays to quickly detect the internal quality of the object to be inspected and the foreign matter therein, and displays the image of the object to be inspected by a computer without damaging the object to be inspected. .

    When the product to be inspected is X-rayed, the greater the density and atomic number of the substance, the greater the ratio of X-ray absorption by the substance, and the protein, carbohydrate, fat, moisture and bone (calcium) and glass in the food. The components (silic), metal and hair all have different absorption ratios for X-rays, and the X-ray detection system is realized according to the above principle.

    The product is transported to the X-ray irradiation area, and the detection device will automatically measure the transmittance ratio of the X-ray. Since the foreign matter component in the food absorbs the X-ray energy more than the food component, when the product containing the foreign matter is irradiated by X-ray, the energy will be It is absorbed in a large amount, and the X-ray detector measures the intensity of the light beam transmitted through the detected object to detect whether the object contains foreign matter different from the material component of the product itself.