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  • Dongguan Meidele Metal Detector Factory
  • ADD: Dongcheng District, Guangming Village, Wanhang Technolog Park, Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, China.
  • TEL: +86-769-23165658
  • FAX: +86-769-23165648
  • E-MAIL: aronwang@meidele.cn
  • Throat Metal Separator Features
    Oct 09, 2018

    Pipeline throat metal separator, suitable for food, medicine, chemical, plastic, renewable resources and other industries, suitable for bulk particle material detection without detecting metal impurities, only need to detect metal sound and light alarm, throat metal separator The special design can effectively avoid external factors such as vibration, noise, and product effects.

    1. With its unique precision, it can detect tiny metal objects in the product;

    2. Can handle multiple categories of products, in order to save space, adopt a more compact rack design;

    3. The detection sensitivity is higher than the industry standard, and the iron ball larger than 0.3mm in diameter can be detected;

    4. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the product characteristics, the number of detection rejections can be recorded in real time, and the record can be manually cleared.

    5. Made of all stainless steel, the product is waterproof (IP66), anti-vibration, adaptable to environmental and temperature changes, easy to clean;

    6. Multi-language function selection (Chinese, English, Japanese, etc., other languages can be customized according to demand);

    7. Comply with HACCP, GMP, GAMP, FDA, IFS, ISO9001 and other relevant certification standards.

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